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Software Engineering Fellow (Full Stack)

Looking for something different? Maisha Meds is hiring! We’re looking for a creative, experienced, and motivated developer to advance health care in East Africa, where over 60% of patients visit private pharmacies as their first point to access health care. Candidates should be excited about the prospect of taking a leadership role in a fast-paced, dynamic start-up environment, be interested in helping galvanize a budding tech community, and have a keen interest in transforming how low-income patients access health care.

You will be joining a small, enthusiastic team of 10 as we scale from 70 pharmacies currently to hundreds in the next year, supporting hundreds of thousands of patient encounters. As such, you’ll have the opportunity to make a large and visible impact on our company and the autonomy to build our tech to thrive at scale. Fellows on our team will also take a lead in mentoring and building local tech talent – you will be paired with a local team member to provide regular code reviews and coaching sessions. Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate that they can learn quickly, adapt to changing circumstances, and rise to the challenge of difficult tasks that they might not have experience solving.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Help scale our Android app and server-side components to support our growing client base
    • We’re currently using Node and Python server side, but because we’re still small, and building flexible architecture, you’ll get a ton of freedom to work with the technology stacks you think are most effective, as well as the freedom to explore.
  • Help to build and develop tools to support streamlined and quality supply chains and integrated financing for medications in an environment where up to 1/3 of medications in the country do not meet international quality standards.
  • Build the technical knowledge and excellence of our local team members, including teaching and coaching sessions and regular code reviews
  • Develop our server-side and client-side patient care technology. This includes building out our intelligent SMS health tips platform, and developing analytics pipelines to feed critical health information back to our clients.
  • Develop our analytics and data processing tools

Or (almost) anything else that you’re interested in. Our philosophy is that you should work on things that excite you most. Obviously this has to align at least somewhat with our business priorities, but we’re flexible!

About Maisha Meds:

Maisha Meds is driven by our mission to build systems with potential for large-scale impact in improving access to medicines and healthcare across East Africa. We work with pharmacies, which are the primary point of care for over 60% of the region’s population, to improve their patient care through clinical oversight and medical advice, while offering simple and effective business management tools with the goal of reducing stock outs and improving financial performance. We are a data-driven company, and are working to provide visibility into a segment of health care that is plagued by poor regulatory controls and a lack of transparency. We use this data to support access to finance, improve supply chain efficiency and help ensure medication quality. Our company is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GIZ, the Dioraphte Foundation, Stanford Center for Innovation for Global Health, and Merck’s Digital eHealth Accelerator in Nairobi.

We see our people as our greatest asset, and we have a dynamic and engaged team working full and part-time. We are a flat organization, where everyone has input into the development of the business. We enjoy our work, and try hard to make sure that each team member is working on tasks that interest him or her most.

Why you should come work for us

Our company takes the best of Silicon Valley, including the technical expertise, rapid iteration, and agile processes, and applies this approach to solving problems that affect millions across sub-Saharan Africa. Though we can’t offer you catered daily meals, a Ping-Pong table, or 30” monitors, we can offer an opportunity to drive real, quantifiable change, help lead a small but passionate tech team, and give you access to some of the world’s most incredible places. We are dedicated to our work, and care deeply about our product’s impact, the clients and patients who use our software, and the company’s success. You’ll get the opportunity to help grow a small startup from a local operation, to a company serving tens of millions of people. On top of all of this, you’ll have the chance to explore this incredible region – spend weekends in tropical paradise, chase after lions and elephants, or climb some of the tallest freestanding mountains in the world.

Contract Details

Moving to East Africa is a big decision, and we get that. As such, we’re offering a variable term contract, so you can decide how long you’d like to stay. That said, we require a 3-month minimum commitment. Your offer will include a return flight to/from Nairobi, and a living stipend while you are with the team.


• BS or MS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Statistics or a related field, or equivalent professional experience
• 2+ years of experience in either mobile or web development
• Experience scaling mobile or web products
• Experience working on a full software stack
• Some Android experience required
• Experience with Node.js and/or Python a plus
• Data science experience a plus
• Ability to evaluate and prioritize a long list of dependent and independent tasks based on business and technical constraints
• Ability to write clean, well-documented code
• Effective problem solving skills including decision making and time management
• Entrepreneurial nature, creativity, resourcefulness, and a sense of humor
• The ability to work well with a culturally diverse team

How to apply

Send your resume, links to any personal projects you’ve done and a cover letter (optional) to with the title “Software Engineering Fellow”