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Tools for effective patient care and streamlined medication delivery

Small clinics, pharmacies, and drug shops in East Africa provide over 60% of primary patient care. Yet they often exist outside of a formal support system, managing their operations using pen and paper with limited training.  We use Android-based tools to help these providers manage sales and inventory, source quality medication, and use evidence-based standards for patient care.  Our system leverages the data from these sales to link patients with additional support via SMS and provides smart reordering capabilities with preapproved credit to improve the healthcare value chain.

Android app for clinics & drug shops

  • Sales and inventory oversight
  • Financial reporting and forecasting
  • Mobile money integration
  • Support for evidence-based care

SMS patient health tips & advice

  • Instructions for taking medication
  • Follow-up and referrals as-needed
  • Advice for managing conditions
  • Mobile receipts

Medication orders & financing

  • Automated reorders
  • Optimized price recommendations
  • Credit pre-approval
  • Forecasting from sales data

“This software has revolutionized my inventory system in a big way.”

– Susan Atieno Okwengu, Fiveways Chemist in Kisumu

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