We use technology to improve patient access to quality and affordable care.

On the continent, pharmacies and drug shops often provide primary care. Maisha Meds partners with them to incentive better medical practices and subsidize medication for patients.

We’re building life-changing programs.

Through our partnership programs, we’ve provided over 50,000 patients with World Health Organization pre-qualified medication. Our programs are provably effective demonstrated by economics studies and randomized controlled trials (RCTs).


We help pharmacies.

Our point-of-sale technology enables pharmacies to better manage their own inventory to reduce stock outs and increase availability and grow their business.

“Before I was blind. I had limited resources and would often wonder, ‘How can I predict who is coming in? Which products are going to move?’ Maisha Meds helps me to use a small amount of capital with the greatest impact.”

– Christine Otieno, Pharmacist, Enit Pharmacy in Kisumu