Using technology to transform health care in Africa


Through our innovative mobile app, we help providers deliver affordable, high-quality care to patients who need it.


We reimburse pharmacies and clinics when they provide excellent care to patients at a subsidized cost.

Our app also helps them manage their businesses. And it’s getting smarter every day: Our one-of-a-kind data teaches us what works best for the people we serve.


Maisha Meds has created the first and largest digital network of private pharmacies and clinics in East Africa.

Over 2,500

businesses use our technology


patient visits reimbursed to date


increase in high quality malaria care


countries where we make an impact

Our programs have helped hundreds of thousands of people access care for malaria, family planning, and HIV prevention.


An All-in-one App for Businesses

Pen-and-paper is a thing of the past. Our app can make sales, scan barcodes, and alert you when products are expiring or going out of stock. Plus, business owners can view an up-to-date dashboard of their inventory and earnings.

A Reimbursement Program

We reward pharmacies and clinics when they provide top-notch care at prices that patients can afford. They can even use the app to restock medications that meet high-quality standards.

A Wealth of Real-time Data

We monitor important market and health trends in malaria, family planning, and HIV to help people get the right drugs at the right price. This is data that never before existed, and we take its power and privacy very seriously.

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