Digital tools to support your
business and your patients

Maisha Meds’ software includes everything that a small pharmacy or clinic
needs to manage the business and ensure a stellar patient experience,
even without internet or electricity

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Point of sale and stock management

Pharmacies and clinics need simple tools to help them run their business and manage their stock. Our software works offline and backs up data regularly to a cloud-based server when you have internet. You can track all of your sales and supplies, see what is low in stock, and get basic financial reporting. The system runs on any Android device, including phone, tablet, or Chrome laptop. It supports receipt printing, can include patient details for each sale, and tracks customer credit so you never miss out on a payment again.

Web-based reporting dashboard

Pharmacies and clinics can log into our web reporting tools to see what is low in stock for an individual site or across a chain of locations. You can see daily sales totals, revenue information, and information to help you place smarter and more effective orders across all of your products and sites.

Web dashboard

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