Announcing our 2019 annual report

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Hello, I am so excited to share our 2019 annual report for Maisha Meds with you.  This was a tremendous year for our team, and it validated the power of data and incentives to improve healthcare delivery.  Our team has not taken as much time as we should to share our successes and learnings over the last year (mainly because we’ve been so busy executing).  But we wanted to pause and thank everyone who has supported us on this journey. In 2019, Maisha Meds programs and technology have supported nearly 1.5 million patient encounters across 3 countries in Africa.  We grew our supply chain business by 550%.  We launched a medical reimbursement system that supported access to high quality and effective contraceptives, HIV self-tests, and malaria care for over 5,000 patients (with tens of thousands to come in 2020) with support from a stellar group of global health funders.  We built out our data science capabilities, rebuilt our software, and began to build systems to help us scale to thousands of healthcare providers over the coming years.  And to support all of this, our team doubled in size and our funding grew by 10x.  We’re so excited to tell you about all of this, and we are especially keen to share our successes (and failures). As COVID-19 fundamentally changes how people access healthcare, we are building radically cost-effective programs to ensure that patients can still access primary care even as we start to see widespread shortages in healthcare tests and treatment.  Now more than ever, it is important to invest in digital systems to make it transparent and simple to ensure that drugs and tests reach the last mile. Our low-cost and scalable technology has broad applications across low- and middle-income countries where patients struggle to access care.  We can support existing networks of clinics and pharmacies to answer questions about how their healthcare programs operate and how they compare to other countries and regions in key quality metrics.  And we would like to support existing providers to build new incentive-based systems to ensure that all patients access diagnostic tests before treatment, that they access appropriate care, and that their money is well-spent on the best care that they can afford.  If you are excited about collaborating to improve healthcare delivery, please reach out.  And if you would like to partner as we expand in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, or Nigeria, we’d also love to hear from you. Thank you for your support and partnership, and we hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time! Sincerely, Jessica Vernon CEO, Maisha Meds