Maisha Meds aims to reach millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa, and we can’t do it alone. We’re looking for:


1 Focus on patient impact

We prioritize the patient experience, understanding the barriers that prevent them from getting the care they need and designing programs that drive significant and measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes.

2 Experiment and learn

We adopt a beginner’s mindset to develop user-driven hypotheses focused on health impact, test with a small number of patients and providers, iterate quickly based on feedback, and generate evidence to support further program design in scaling up.

3 Go to scale efficiently and thoughtfully

We design programs that have the potential to be replicated cost-efficiently across thousands of healthcare providers and millions of patients. We know how much it costs per patient to deliver these programs, and we use data to target these programs to the patients that need them most.

4 Cultivate actionable transparency

We know our metrics of program success and failure in real-time, report this back honestly and transparently, course-correct as needed, and invest in what’s working to continuously improve our core offering.

5 Be collaborative, inclusive, and kind

We create a caring and friendly environment where people from diverse backgrounds can openly share opinions, learn together, and join forces.

6 Expect excellence

We strive for stellar results and hold ourselves accountable for delivering high-quality work products and rigorous program design for our patients, team members, and partners.