About Maisha Meds


1 in 10 medical products in developing countries are counterfeit or substandard. Maisha Meds is helping to address this problem in East Africa.

We help small, local pharmacy and clinic partner with vetted suppliers to ensure high quality medicines are stocked and sold. We also offer working capital to pharmacies to help them grow their businesses.

We do this through an Android app that helps pharmacies manage inventory, make sales, and restock from vetted suppliers. Our software is used by hundreds of pharmacies in Kenya to support millions of patient encounters each year. We’re rapidly expanding our user base and currently expanding to neighboring countries.

What We’re Looking For

We’ve got a ton of data about medications and pharmaceutical sales, and we’re looking for someone to help us make sense of it. Are certain anti-malarial medications over-prescribed? What would be the most effective contraceptive to subsidize? Are pharmacies selling the right products to the right people? We’d love to work with you to find out!

More specifically, we’re looking for a senior data scientist with most (or all!) of these qualifications:

  • 4+ years of experience in quantitative analysis (preferably in an engineering or product role)
  • Background in statistics, math, or other technical field
  • Experience with common analysis tools (we like SQL and Python).
  • Demonstrable familiarity with code and programming concepts
  • Independent initiative – figure out what we might be missing and design experiments to answer your questions
  • Experience building statistical models from messy datasets
  • Good at communicating results to non-technical audiences
  • (Bonus) Experience with analyzing pharmaceutical, health care, or marketing data

Some responsibilities include:

  • Building meaningful models from datasets
  • Designing experiments to guide and improve features and products
  • Creating and maintaining robust data science infrastructure
  • Building visualizations and dashboards for easy interpretation of data

Why You Should Join Us

Maisha Meds aims to leverage technology to solve problems that affect millions across sub-Saharan Africa. Though we can’t offer you catered meals like in Silicon Valley, we can offer you an opportunity to drive real, quantifiable change that literally saves lives. We’re dedicated to our work and care deeply about our product’s impact. You’ll join our small and friendly team to grow Maisha Meds into a company serving tens of millions of people.

This is a part time contract position that’s open to remote work. We may have a full time data scientist position open towards the end of the year.

Send your resume, links to any personal projects you’ve done and a cover letter (optional) to jobs@maishameds.org with the subject line “Senior Data Scientist.”