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Data Scientist

Are you interested in developing and applying quantitative solutions related to the problem of expensive and poor-quality medicines for patients across Africa? Do you believe data should guide the development of new products? This is the job for you.

You’ll be partnering with the Maisha Meds engineering team to drive actionable data insights and solutions from datasets that shine a light on some of the most opaque and dangerous practices in healthcare. Our data scientists work on every aspect of the product – whether it’s exploratory research to understand how drug shops source and sell medications in different geographies, or running experiments to optimize untapped areas of growth, or developing models to track each medicine back to the factory that made it.

The perfect candidate will have an excellent quantitative background, will be able to address abstract business and engineering problems with extreme precision, and has the enthusiasm and initiative necessary to deliver those answers at our fast pace.  In addition, candidates should be excited about the prospect of taking a leadership role in a fast-paced, dynamic start-up environment, be interested in helping galvanize a budding tech community, and have a keen interest in transforming how low-income patients access health care.

About Maisha Meds

We’re working to make quality medicines and diagnostics affordable and accessible for the 2.5 billion patients worldwide who access primary health care at their local drug shop.  Not long ago, we started with software that tracked medication sales and inventory at these drug shops and clinics.  Now we are moving into medication supply chains, partnering with suppliers to ensure that effective medicines are stocked in pharmacies across East Africa, and that they have the working capital to optimize their shops. Our software is used by hundreds of pharmacies in Africa to support hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

For the people who use our software, it represents a way of tracking business decisions and accessing deals and working capital. For patients, we help strengthen supply chains and ensure that the medicine that they buy will be affordable and consistently high quality, in a setting where 1 in 10 products is counterfeit or substandard.


  • At least 3 years of experience with quantitative analysis (preferably in an engineering or product role).
  • Quantitative background in Statistics, Computer Science, Math, or other technical field. Graduate degrees preferred.
  • Experience with common analysis tools – SQL, R, and Python. Demonstrable familiarity with code and programming concepts.
  • A product mindset – you ask and address the most important analytical questions with a view on enhancing product impact.
  • Passionate and attentive self-starters, great communicators, amazing follow-through – you love the responsibility of being personally empowered.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Experience in building credit, fraud, or risk models
  • Expertise in NLP, network analysis, or geospatial analysis
  • Experience with maintaining data science models in a production environment

Why you should come work for us

Our company takes the best of Silicon Valley, including the technical expertise, rapid iteration, and agile processes, and applies this approach to solving problems that affect millions across sub-Saharan Africa. Though we can’t offer you catered daily meals, a Ping-Pong table, or 30” monitors, we can offer an opportunity to drive real, quantifiable change, help lead a small but passionate tech team, and give you access to some of the world’s most incredible places. We are dedicated to our work, and care deeply about our product’s impact, the clients and patients who use our software, and the company’s success. You’ll get the opportunity to help grow a small startup from a local operation, to a company serving tens of millions of people. On top of all of this, you’ll have the chance to explore this incredible region – spend weekends in tropical paradise, chase after lions and elephants, or climb some of the tallest freestanding mountains in the world.

Contract Details

Working at a startup in East Africa is a big decision, and we get that. As such, we’re offering a variable term contract, so you can decide how long you’d like to work with us. That said, we require a 6-month minimum commitment, and suggest staying at least a year. Your offer will include a return flight to/from Nairobi if you are based elsewhere, as well as regional travel to spend time with our team in Kisumu.

How to Apply

Send your resume, links to any personal projects you’ve done and a cover letter (optional) to with the subject line “Data Scientist.”