Help us make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Low income patients in rural Africa pay among the highest prices in the world for medications and diagnostics. And because many of these patients lack insurance, the must pay out of pocket for essential health products, many of which fail basic tests for quality and efficacy. This means that hundreds of millions of patients cannot access the healthcare they need.

Please help us fix this.

Starting today, you can help pay for these essential health services.  We will subsidize the cost of medications and diagnostics selected from 16 essential areas that the World Health Organization has identified as focus areas for Universal Health Coverage. We have chosen the products in each area that will yield the largest impact and are seeking sponsors who can help us purchase this medicine for patients.

Our software allows us to reimburse pharmacies directly for medications that they give to patients in remote locations with limited internet and electricity.  We leverage biometric and SMS technology to make sure the patient received the medication and pay the pharmacy directly via mobile money following the sale. We will additionally track every medication dispensed with barcodes to ensure that it came from a reputable manufacturer and distributor.

We commit to keeping you up to date on how your money is being used by sending you (deidentified) information about the patients that you supported, as well as details about the medication tracing it back to the factory of origin.  Although this information may not be critical to your daily life, it is critical to ensuring that we build transparent and cost-effective health systems. Our commitment to providing you this information challenges us to create systems that have consistency, accountability, and honesty baked in.

Please donate today.  You can choose which illness or product you like to support, and 100% of your tax deductible donation will be used to cover healthcare costs.

Thank you for your support!

For larger gifts, or to request a copy of our audited financial statement, please contact our team at donate@maishameds.org.

Maisha Meds has a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit to support healthcare subsidies and donations.

Our EIN is 81-4618222.