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We’re working to make quality medicines affordable for the 2.5 billion patients worldwide who access primary health care at their local drug shop.  Not long ago, we started with app that tracked medication sales and inventory at these drug shops and clinics.  Now we are moving into medication supply chains, partnering with suppliers to ensure that effective medicines are stocked in pharmacies across East Africa, and that they have the working capital to optimize their shops. Our software is used by hundreds of pharmacies in Africa to support millions of patient encounters annually.

For the people who use our software, it represents a way of tracking business decisions and accessing deals and working capital. For patients, we help strengthen supply chains and ensure that the medicine that they buy will be affordable and consistently high quality, in a setting where 1 in 10 products is counterfeit or substandard.

Our team is a mix of software engineers, operations experts, data scientists, and public health practitioners.  If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch by emailing and tell us why you are a great fit for Maisha Meds.

Senior Product Manager

Digital Sales and Marketing Lead

Operations Associate in Oromia/Amhara, Ethiopia

Inventory and Loss Control Manager

Associate in Ethiopia