September 19, 2023

Maisha Meds Wins 2023 Future United Lodestar Award

By Maisha Meds

Dr. Jessica Vernon (left), CEO of Maisha Meds, accepted the “Lodestar Award” at the 2023 future united awards.

New York, NY, Sep 19, 2023 — Maisha Meds, a leading digital health organization in Africa, received the “Lodestar Award” at the 2023 future united awards, an event held alongside this year’s UN General Assembly by global health NGO GBCHealth.

The future united awards celebrate innovative approaches to pressing global health challenges, with the Lodestar Award recognizing “inspiring individuals and organizations that stand out from the crowds, and that blaze a trail for us all to follow.”

“This is an immense honor for every member of Maisha Meds, spanning from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, to Tanzania. It’s a testament to the collective efforts and dedication of our team to improve health care access in the region,” said Dr. Jessica Vernon, founder and chief executive officer of Maisha Meds.

Maisha Meds joins four other winners in different categories, drawn from 15 finalists selected from over 140 total nominees.

“We can’t wait to continue expanding our reach to thousands of new pharmacies and clinics over the next several years, and to support hundreds of thousands more patients in accessing subsidized care,” said Vernon.

About Maisha Meds

Founded in 2017, Maisha Meds has created the largest digital network of private pharmacies and clinics in East Africa through a mobile app that delivers subsidized care. Maisha Meds not only helps these businesses improve operations by making sales, managing inventory, and tracking patients. It also reimburses them for providing high-quality malaria, family planning, and HIV prevention products at discounted rates.

Our app is currently used by 2,500 pharmacies across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria, logs 10 million patient encounters annually, and has reimbursed 250,000 patient visits to date. In randomized controlled research, our platform more than quadrupled the rate at which providers followed malaria testing and treatment protocols, from 8 to 33%. A separate study on family planning showed a similarly sharp 480% increase in the uptake of long-acting injectable contraceptives.

By harnessing the power of a vast but fragmented private sector, Maisha Meds improves access and outcomes for patients, supports pharmacies and clinics that often serve as their first and only point of contact, and generates vital data and research on global health and market trends.

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About GBCHealth

GBCHealth is the preeminent organization focused on business engagement in support of meeting global goals for health. Its vision is health equity and a global business community that contributes its assets, skills, influence and reach to create a healthier world for employees, their families, and communities. GBCHealth works with companies worldwide and with the United Nations, governments, academia, civil society & others. In September 2022, GBCHealth launched future united, a global initiative harnessing the power of the private sector to fight for – and achieve – health equity, tackle the impact of climate change on health, and address antimicrobial resistance and future pandemics.