Android point of sale application for pharmacies and clinics linked to SMS for improved business management and patient care

Simple intuitive menus with all of the functionality that you need to run your pharmacy 

You get access to free business and prescribing tools to help make sure you and your staff have the support you need. You’re able to better oversee shop attendants, and you can control features of the application by user so you know that only trusted employees can access key business information. The system operates when not connected online, but syncs using internet bundles for more features, secure backups, and data storage.

Make a sale quickly using lists of common medications or by clicking into categories

Products are identified by their active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) as well as by brand name and drug category for easy searching. You can store and sell both at wholesale and retail prices within the system as well as generate reports based on sales within a category, brand, or product.

Allow your patients to pay with cash, M-PESA, or on credit

Be prepared to accept and track various methods of payment, including monitoring discounts and credit given over time. Integrate your Lipa Na M-PESA account with the Maisha Meds system, and follow up with patients that haven’t paid back credit via SMS.

Receive patient mobile numbers and SMS them with receipts, instructions, follow-up, and marketing deals

Support your patients in taking their medications correctly and ensuring they seek referral care if they don’t get better. Use SMS communications to develop further relationships with your patients and encourage repeat customers.

See transaction history and reports to monitor the status of your business remotely

Track daily, weekly and monthly sales and reorders. Access information about your business, even while you’re away. Generate financial reports and statements to facilitate access to working capital loans, and know the value of your inventory at any given time.

Reorder medication based on forecasts and track medication from all of your suppliers

Understand trends in your purchasing and selling behavior to better plan your inventory orders. Conduct streamlined stocktakes to confirm your inventory, and receive alerts when medications are running low.

Start using the application today by downloading it onto your Android tablet or phone