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About Maisha Meds

We’re working to make quality medicines affordable for the 2.5 billion patients worldwide who access primary health care at their local drug shop.  Not long ago, we started with an app that tracked medication sales and inventory at these drug shops and clinics.  Now we are moving into medication supply chains, partnering with suppliers to ensure that effective medicines are stocked in pharmacies across East Africa, and that they have the working capital to optimize their shops. Our software is used by hundreds of pharmacies in Africa to support hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

For the people who use our software, it represents a way of tracking business decisions and accessing deals and working capital. For patients, we help strengthen supply chains and ensure that the medicine that they buy will be affordable and consistently high quality, in a setting where 1 in 10 products is counterfeit or substandard.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for an enthusiastic and diligent team member who would join our operations team with a focus on developing our growing loyalty program. An ideal candidate has experience in sales, operations, developing and conducting trainings, and early stage research project development. This candidate enjoys a fast-paced working environment, loves working with and interacting with customers, and re-iterating systems to improve the customer experience. This candidate is a customer-centric leader who will effectively bring pharmacies onto the Maisha Meds platform and loyalty program and work to tailor the program to best suit our pharmacy partners and patients.

Responsibilities include:

  • Leading the pitching and onboarding of our 250 pharmacies on to the Maisha Meds loyalty program.
  • Collecting feedback from pharmacies on the and iterating on / refining insights to make them actionable and immediately useful for pharmaceutical clients and others in the global health space
  • Managing medication orders on consignment for all pharmacies that are part of the loyalty program/receiving medications for the loyalty program
  • Mapping out touch points to ensure pharmacy partners and customers are engaged with the loyalty program
  • Tracking and analysis of all loyalty program related data, including: inventory and reordering needs, enrollment, and onboarding
  • Providing follow-up advice and trainings as needed for pharmacies being onboarded to the loyalty program
  • Support streamlining and scalability of the onboarding process for the loyalty program
  • Assist the general operations team in tasks as needed
  • Growing key business metrics such as revenue, unique customer count and recurring customer rate, with a focus on data-driven approach to identifying and addressing key customer pain point
  • Ensure close collaboration between corporate and technology teams to drive successful execution on strategies
  • Serve as a key accounts manager and brand ambassador for Maisha Meds
  • Proactively identify and communicate business risks and opportunities and synthesize customer feedback for team

Maisha Meds reserves the right to adapt the work scope for the employee, in response to company needs or changes in direction.


  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in research, communication, sales, business or other related field
  • 2+ years working in enterprise, sales, research or training, experience in medical or pharmaceutical field a plus
  • Prior experience working with Excel, ODK, Dedoose and/or other quantitative and qualitative research tools
  • Humility, empathy, and a sense of humor. We are a small team that cares deeply about our work, and it is essential that we work well together
  • You care deeply about what we’re building and how it may change how healthcare is accessed for millions of patients.
  • A passion for building world class product with a desire to see it scaled widely

We would prefer to have you based in our offices in Kisumu.

Why you should come work with us

Maisha Meds aims to leverage technology to solve problems that affect millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa. We are dedicated to our work and care deeply about our product’s impact, the clients and patients who use our software, and the company’s success. You’ll join our small and friendly team to grow Maisha Meds into a company serving tens of millions of people across East Africa.

Start date is flexible, and compensation is commensurate with experience.

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. 

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