Supply Chain Junior Associate

Maisha Meds is hiring! We’re looking for a Supply Chain Junior Associate to improve healthcare in Africa.

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Maisha Meds is an organization dedicated to improving health care in Africa. We began full-time operations in 2017 and over the past few years has grown to support over 1.5million patient encounters annually across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zambia with our suite of software products.  We are building the financial and technology infrastructure to enable global health funders to pay for health outcomes at the last mile, with a focus on malaria case management (and results from a RCT with UC Berkeley due out later this year), injectable contraceptives, prenatal care, HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, and COVID testing and vaccination.

Our work is funded by USAID Development Innovation Ventures, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, Pfizer, and others, and we are starting to build partnerships with multilateral global health funders, pharmaceutical companies, and national health insurance funds.  We use data from our point of sale software to design programs that leverage financial incentives to improve uptake of high impact health products.  And we measure our success by our ability to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for low-income patients across Africa.

About the role

Our goal is to maximize the process efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain in a bid to improve healthcare in Africa. We achieve this by continuously re-iterating systems, and building strategic relationships with key players in the marketplace. Through the restock product we connect registered facilities to quality suppliers. 

We are looking for a team member who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and interacting with customers. You are detail-oriented and thrive in teams. You will report to the Director of Supply Chain. This role is based in Kisumu.


These include:

  • Processing orders for medications that come from our clients
  • Provide follow-up advice to clients & training as needed to give clients an outstanding experience with Maisha Meds
  • Support in the development, streamlining, & refining of systems used to track the pharmaceutical supply chain process
  • Data entry to ensure high-quality data is in the systems supporting the supply chain process
  • Collecting feedback from pharmacies & iterating on them to make them actionable & immediately useful for pharmaceutical clients
  • Assist the general operations team in tasks as needed
  • Growing key business metrics such as revenue, unique customer count, and recurring customer rate, with a focus on a data-driven approach, to identifying, and addressing key customer pain points
  • Serve as a brand manager for Maisha Meds
  • Proactively identify & communicate business risks and opportunities and synthesize customer feedback for the team


  • Diploma in Pharmacy or related course.
  • Experience in procurement and customer service is an added advantage.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced digital environment, yet maintain empathy that helps our team work well together.
  • A passion for building a world-class product with a desire to see it scaled widely.
  • Growth mindset and enthusiasm for learning, feedback, and continuous improvement
  • Humility and personal stability. We are looking for passionate professionals that combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service
  • Ability to roll up one’s sleeves and directly move projects forward

Why You Should Join Us

Maisha Meds aims to leverage technology to solve problems that affect millions of people across sub-Saharan Africa. We can promise you an opportunity to drive real, quantifiable change that literally saves lives. We are dedicated to our work and care deeply about our product’s impact. You’ll join our small and friendly team to grow Maisha Meds into a company serving tens of millions of people across East Africa.

The start date is immediate, and compensation is commensurate with experience.

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